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weekend in long beach

well what can i say
after many months chatting and emailing and texcting and exchanging photos with my new friend Buzz,we finally met up
i managed to get a trip with work to long beach,Ca
yes i was nervous and excited
and really had nothing to worry about
he came to my hotel room - how daring !!
and from the moment we actually met i knew we were going to get on just great
we had drinks,chatted with one of my colleagues and then went for a few beers!
then we spent saturday at disney
buzz has pics on his profile
i am not too techincal !!
we had a great day and everything was just great
buzz is really a great fun person and a big kid at heart!!
well i got home safe and sound and look forward to going back to LB and seeing Buzz again
thank you once again
i have been very low and you lifted me up no end!

nothing in particular

well i really dont know what to say
this is a new site for me and what with MSN yahhoo and facebook and ebay !!!!
not sure if i can finad any more time
its a public way to say that i enjoy very much my new friendship (!) of sorts with buzz  (lbbuzz) on here
we awill hopefully be meeting in october and take our new found friendship to the next level
i am really looking forward to it
we will be hiring a car and exploring the countryside as well as exploring other things too--hopefully !!
he comes across to me as a happy friendly lovable guy and is very good at keeping me up to date with his daily pictures
which always put a big grin on my face
thats enough for today
by the wayt
the anonymous post on your sound of music was from me as i didnt know how to post a comment
will try again

just joined

well where do i begin
my friend buzz in long beach introduced me to this site
and will see how i get on
we have been chatting for almost a month
i find him very handsome and sexy and we seem to have lots in common
who knows where this will go



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